Bert Sommer

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Clip from 1969 Woodstock music and arts festival

Swami Satchidananda followed by Nancy Nevins of Sweetwater and then at 16 seconds its Bert Sommer sitting on stage (No Audio).



Bert Sommer Concert

Spotlight On The Artist is excited to debut a recently-discovered time capsule—Bert Sommer and his Brockport buddies Johnny Rabb and Rob Landis, recorded live in 1975 at the Wine Press in Rochester, NY on WCDB. The reel-to-reel tape features popular covers from the era, songs from Bert’s debut album "The Road To Travel", and a never-before-heard composition—written, of course, for a girl. Join us, along with Johnny Rabb, Bert’s longtime friend, as he shares his memories of the ’70s with Bert, and how he stumbled across this buried treasure.