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Spotlight on the Artist

With Paris Stachtiaris and Ben Brown

We all know the great music, but how did those hits get into our lives? Behind every song is artist collaboration: a writer who wrote the lyrics, and a musician who came up with the hook, chords, and arrangements. There is also a story behind the song.

Paris interviews the artists who share their creative process along with personal experience of the music industry. We will discover what sparked them when very young, visit career peaks and valleys, and learn what they are doing today. You will see your favorite song in a whole new light!

A Celebration Of

Bert Sommer

The Forgotten Woodstock Music Artist

You’ll never forget the artist and his music again.

That artist is BERT SOMMER

  •     Bert received a standing ovation at Woodstock 1969. It was his first live gig.
  •     Bert was a poster boy for the Broadway hit “Hair,” and also starred in the landmark show.
  • • 
  •     Bert wrote lyrics to over 200 songs, composed accompanying music, and recorded 4 albums.
  • • 
  •     Bert died at age 41—thinking history forgot him.


Bert Sommer Concert

Spotlight On The Artist is excited to debut a recently-discovered time capsule—Bert Sommer and his Brockport buddies Johnny Rabb and Rob Landis, recorded live in 1975 at the Wine Press in Rochester, NY on WCDB. The reel-to-reel tape features popular covers from the era, songs from Bert’s debut album "The Road To Travel", and a never-before-heard composition—written, of course, for a girl. Join us, along with Johnny Rabb, Bert’s longtime friend, as he shares his memories of the ’70s with Bert, and how he stumbled across this buried treasure.